Board Member Responsibilities



  • Provide leadership to the entire Board of Directors of the Chapter and maintain the requirements of Chapter by-laws
  • Ensure board meetings are held as required and drive participation
  • Guide & support Vice Presidents as required to carry out their duties successfully
  • Ensure board consensus, effective decision making, and keep discussion topics in focus
  • Promote the ideals of the Chapter as well as IIBA Global in the media and community
  • Ensure the board governs & operates according to the stipulations of the bylaws and manages programs & services to ensure implementation



  • Assist the President with implementing the chapter’s current strategy for achievement
  • Provide leadership to the Board of Directors in the absence of the President
  • Evaluate chapter board performance and forms strategic plans for growth
  • Maintain copies of the organization’s bylaws and the Board’s policy statements
  • Sign official documents of the organization as required
  • Recruit chapter Board Members and committee volunteers
  • Support and guide leads in communications, membership, marketing, events & professional development as needed
  • Record board meeting minutes


Corporate Membership & Sponsorship

  • Maintain and build corporate relationships
  • Active collaboration and engagement with corporate members to ensure IIBA Ireland are aligning with their goals
  • Report on all sponsorship matters
  • Seek out potential sponsorship opportunities by creating a target list and actual list of sponsors
  • Develop a sponsorship strategy/package that can be used at events to satisfy client needs
  • Ensure Sponsors logos are represented at every opportunity and presentation 
  • Ensure Sponsors are informed of all publications and feedback
  • Promote sponsorship opportunities
  • Produce letters of sponsorship agreement and send to all sponsors of all events 


Professional Development

  • Provide members with tools, trainings and education to develop skills and competencies
  • Liaise with higher institutions and training institutions on opportunities to partner
  • Provide career guidance to Business Analysts
  • Provide up to date information to members on courses, certifications, exams and new offerings
  • Develop and drive strategic partnerships for IIBA
  • Work with IIBA team to provide endorsement for education program providers to deliver IIBA globally recognized courses
  • Create framework to help nurture the next generation of Business Analysis professionals


  • Responsible for all aspects of planning and implementation of various IIBA events including, Online and Offline events
  • Plan collaboratively with other IIBA board members to create an annual calendar of events that maximizes potential impact
  • Liaise with other Board members for successful planning and execution of IIBA Ireland chapter events
  • Prepare pre- and post-event analysis and assess opportunities and make recommendations for future events
  • Provide KPI inputs to President, secretary and other member of boards to prepare metrics for reporting
  • Strategically support Marketing and professional development on the basis of the output of the events 


  • Manage the accounting of funds for the organization, including all income and expenses
  • Track and reimburse approved expenses incurred on behalf of the chapter
  • Purchase gift cards for speakers/presenters
  • Keep full and accurate accounts of all organizational receipts and disbursements
  • Maintain the chapter bank account
  • Provide regular reports to the Board on the financial state of the organization, including actuals vs. budget. At a minimum, provide quarterly report
  • Deposit cash collected at paid events
  • Pay bills/invoices
  • Ensure compliance with local and corporate fiduciary responsibilities
  • File necessary financial reports, tax reports and audits
  • Act as signing officer with the President for checks and other documents
  • Prepare annual chapter budget with input from Board members


  • Responsible for website and social media management
  • Responsible for copywriting and content management
  • Manage the design and production of promotional materials
  • Support board members to promote the ideals, events, and communication of the Chapter as well as IIBA Global in the media and community
  • Develop and/or facilitate the development of chapter communication guidelines, processes, and templates
  • Promote IIBA, professional development, and certification within the Irish professional community